Evelyne GMT-10209-D 2-Piece Set Stainless Steel Covered Glass Salt & Pepper Shaker Seasoning Twist Rotating Cover


  • Each shaker is made out of inner glass bottle with outer stainless steel case and twisting lid.
  • 3 types of holes on the top, as shown on the product picture, for pouring 3 sizes of articles by twisting the lid.
  • The set includes 2 shakers. Besides salt and pepper, the 2 shakers also are good for other powdered condiments, such as sugar, seasoning spices, and herbs.
  • Twisting the outer stainless steel cases on the 2 shakers for refilling.
  • Measurements for each shaker: capacity – 4 oz, weight – 5.8 oz, height – 4-1/8″, diameter on the bottom – 2-1/8″